New Year – New Carpet!

Two months ago, we moved into our new house. Every wall was the same shade of off-white and the floor varied from grey carpets to white tiles. It was at best, clean and neutral, but it felt like it had no soul. We did our best to unpack and make our mark on it withContinue reading “New Year – New Carpet!”

Free from condemnation

Today I was listening to the ‘Art of Celebration’ by Rend Collective and though I have listened to it on many occasions, a particular line jumped out at me which hasn’t before and it says this:‘This is the art of celebration, knowing we’re free from condemnation’ And I wondered: what does it look like toContinue reading “Free from condemnation”

At least I don’t live by the sea!

Thank God I don’t live by the sea! This was the very thought I had whilst driving down the M42 back towards my home in the midlands, just over 30 miles away from the place deemed the ‘furthest away from the coast’ by ordnance survey. Now I know it’s a really weird thought to have,Continue reading “At least I don’t live by the sea!”