Your labour is not in vain

This week my son started at nursery.  Which means I started back at work. I have mixed feelings about this.  I love my job.  I am completely blessed to work in a field which is my hobby (music) and in a very small team of incredible people.  I have missed them very much, and asContinue reading “Your labour is not in vain”

Power under perfect control

Today I led a service at church.  The theme was gentleness, and I shared on Facebook that I was going to be leading and preaching on this theme.  Someone commented this in response: “Just a comment, I don’t find ‘preaching’ to be a gentle word. But I wish you well.” I didn’t want to getContinue reading “Power under perfect control”

Extravagant Grace

I just finished listening to a podcast by Rob Bell called ‘You and your bags of gold.’  It was based on the parable of the bags of gold (sometimes known as parable of the talents) in Matthew 25:14-30. I’ve always found this parable a little daunting.  This might sound weird, but I’m someone to whomContinue reading “Extravagant Grace”