Now is the time for open hands

3rd June 2022

I heard the Lord say that there have been many people who have felt a shaking and gone through a time where they have had no choice but to lay down much of what they were holding. This time has not been easy and has often allowed confusion to come into the mind. Many have questioned what they should do and others keep praying for this period of unrest to cease. But the Lord is saying that for many, the shaking has come from Him because it is only with empty hands, can you pick up the new things He has for you.

If there are things in your life that are not making sense, or you are struggling to do all that is being required of you in this time, stop and ask God to show you what things you must lay down and then listen to His reply. Right now, he has an abundance of things He wants to give you, but your arms must be ready to receive them. It is a season of change and we can choose to move with God, or continue to burn ourselves out resisting Him. What will you choose?

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