Moving into a new era

The next few days mark the end of my (Helen’s) time working for a wonderful ministry – Christian Music Ministries (CMM). I have been working for CMM either as an intern, part-time or full-time since 2005, and have been a volunteer associate for even longer. This ministry, and all the friends I have made as part of it, is incredibly important to me and has changed my life. I am so thankful to my immediate colleagues Roger and Annie for all they have taught me about ministering with music and walking with Jesus, and to all the administrative staff I have worked alongside, particularly Nicky and Tim for their camaraderie and heart for the gospel. I am also so thankful to the various touring teams and supporting volunteers for the fun we have had working on the front line, depending on Jesus as we shared His story and His love together. And I am especially thankful to our wonderful support group, EBRG, whose commitment, vulnerability and willingness to risk getting things wrong have led to huge growth for me, particularly in things of the Spirit.

Moving on after such a long time is incredibly painful, especially from such a small ministry where we have grown to depend upon one another so deeply. However, while my passion for music in worship and using music as a tool to bring healing remains, it is no longer the primary thrust of who God has created me to be. Over the last few years I have noticed, in my heart, a slow move away from teaching on worship towards healing, deliverance and freedom in Christ, and this has only been brought into sharper focus in recent months. I absolutely believe God has not finished with CMM, and will be praying for that wonderful ministry and will no doubt stay in touch as a friend and occasional volunteer.

So now, what is this new era going to look like?

Firstly, it is going to be in relationship. My childhood friend and co-worker at CMM Amy, an emerging prophet, is bravely going to be walking this path with me. Psalm 119:130 says, ‘The unfolding of your words gives light.’ We want to bring light to those in darkness through Biblical teaching and prophecy, binding up the broken hearted, proclaiming freedom for captives and release from darkness for the prisoners (Isaiah 61:1). Derek Prince writes this about prophecy:

The gift of prophecy is the supernaturally imparted ability to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and speak God’s mind or counsel. Prophecy ministers not only to the assembled group of believers, but also to individuals. Its three main purposes are:
To edify = to build up, strengthen, to make more effective.
To exhort = to stimulate, to encourage, to admonish.
To comfort = to cheer up.
Thus, prophecy overcomes two of Satan’s most common attacks: condemnation and discouragement.

Both Amy and I have various gifts from God, but neither of us are the complete package, so we need each other (and Him) to minister effectively. We hope that we will also be joined in time by others as God leads them to us.

Secondly, we aim ultimately to be able to speak and minister to groups in person. At the moment this is difficult with the pandemic, maternity leave and childcare, but we believe this will be most effective. So we may well be in touch with our friends to see who is willing to take a risk and invite us as we develop teaching and learn how to deliver it! For the time being keep your eyes on our blog (why not subscribe?) as we try to bring insight from all we are learning.

For now, as Amy continues in her time of maternity leave, we will concentrate on organising the behind-the-scenes official and legal parts of Reflected Light. We will also spend time reading, researching and praying, as well as looking for opportunities for training.

If you want to stay in touch with all we are doing, you can follow us on Facebook or subscribe to this blog by email (scroll right to the bottom of the page). In time we will develop a proper mailing list and supporters’ network. We felt it was important I finished my time at CMM well and gave it my full attention before stepping in to the new era.

Photo by Tom Athawes on Unsplash


3 responses to “Moving into a new era”

  1. May God bless both you and Amy as you do His will


  2. Ken and Vivien Filleul Avatar
    Ken and Vivien Filleul

    Wishing you well in your new venture. Many blessings and fond memories.


  3. Great memories of CMM music weeks in various places. Thank you Helen for your part in all of those. May God bless and use both you and Amy mightily in your new venture for Him. Kath Shaw


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