Brave Questions

As outlined in Helen’s last blog post, asking God questions is one of the best things we can do. It helps us understand His heart for us, teaches us how to navigate the circumstances we find ourselves in and helps us learn how to grow in relationship and intimacy with Him and with others. But the key is to know what sort of questions we should ask and also have a heart ready to hear the answers – because let’s face it, we are not likely to ask the right question if we do not want to hear the answer!

Last week my youngest woke up with conjunctivitis. Due to her age I needed to get a prescription for her, but as it was the weekend this was easier said than done. I phoned the urgent care centre and 111 and was told it would be 6 hours to get a call back. 6 hours came and I finally spoke to someone who then said I needed to see a doctor but it would be another 6 hours. They eventually called back at 1am (13 hours after my original call!), and a doctor from a city miles away finally prescribed what I needed over the phone.

From the Old Testament all the way through to today, prophets have learned that everything around them can be a sign. What happens in their lives is often a sign of what God is going to do and things around them are symbols of all that God is saying. A prophet’s job is to take those signs and symbols and ask God what they mean, that in turn they can tell the people around them. And we too can ask this very same thing in our lives today. God is continually looking to talk to us and be with us and we need to be ready to look at everything that is taking place and question God on what He is saying and doing through it.

And so I asked God about what happened with my daughter. I knew as a mother and a nurse what my child needed and I was so frustrated and annoyed that I could not give it to her; I could not help her in the way that I would have liked. And through this, God was showing me that this is how He feels for many of us too.

God loves us so much and only wants to give the best for us:
If you then, imperfect as you are, know how to lovingly take care of your children and give them what’s best, how much more ready is your heavenly Father to give wonderful gifts to those who ask him? (Matthew 7:11 The Passion)

But we, being of both spirit and flesh and living in a broken world, do not always allow Him the opportunity to give us exactly what we need. We must allow the Holy Spirit to convict us and shape us, that we may position our hearts to be open enough to ask those difficult questions and to receive His reply. For some, those questions will be on the things that stop us from drawing near to Him, for others it will be the conviction of sin. Maybe God wants to take you in a new direction and you need to be asking which way to go; what things to pick up and what things to leave. Or maybe He is wanting your ‘yes’ and to have your full heart and obedience whatever the cost and implications.

Today I heard the Lord say that He wants to go deeper in relationship with you. He wants to share His heart with you and to give you what you need at this time. Are you ready? Are you willing to ask God – whatever His reply might be? If so, then take a deep breath, be brave and start asking those questions you have been putting off for fear of the answer.


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  1. Thanks Amy, that is really helpful.


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