The body is placed in the tomb
By grieving men who risk
Their reputations
Wracked with sobs they
Wordlessly wrap
The limp figure in cloths
Blood soaks through
With each layer of linen
The stain becomes smaller
Their pain veiled

With one last glance
They seal the entrance
Hands laden with spice
Death is no tunnel
A cave going nowhere
A gaping mouth
Watching women dare not
Approach its jaws
Silently they watch
Following no longer

The dangerous man
Goes the way of all earth men
Cavernous grave bites down
Consumes with consummate ease
The hope of heaven
Evil celebrates its victory
Shouts and cries
Singing and dancing
The holiest now filthy
Splendour spoiled

In the darkness
A light shines
All are drawn to its beauty
And peace
Ravaged hearts begin
To find the warmth through
Their cold suffocation in this
Deathly place
The weight of the world
Begins to lift

The glow becomes a fire
Not oppressive heat
But cleansing purifying
Refining remoulding
Captives lose
The chains of guilt
The shrieks of the hosts
Turn to fear as
Laughter reverberates
And grace leads on

Irresistible love
Irrepressible joy
Explodes in the darkness
All the curses of earth
And hell become dust
And drop to the depths
But rising climbing
Soaring exulting
King and captives
Bursting free

A new day dawns

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