Pearl of great price

On Sunday this week we were thinking about maintaining a good life/work balance.  I was looking after my 15 month-old son and he was absolutely determined to get out of the church and into the sunshine so I couldn’t stay and listen to the sermon, but what I did hear was enough.  The preacher sharedContinue reading “Pearl of great price”


  The body is placed in the tomb By grieving men who risk Their reputations Wracked with sobs they Wordlessly wrap The limp figure in cloths Blood soaks through With each layer of linen The stain becomes smaller Their pain veiled With one last glance They seal the entrance Hands laden with spice Death isContinue reading “Irresistible”

The Foot of the Cross

  Wood and earth Blood and dust The place of meeting Where people kneel Where sin is left Where grace overcomes Where the healing stream begins Where eternity touches temporary The hidden place To which all people are drawn To grasp the wood To kiss the feet To look up to the face of oneContinue reading “The Foot of the Cross”

Captivating Melody

via Daily Prompt: Captivating   The anthem of a crowd of supporters A pace song for the road Voices around the campfire Tender lyrics of love The gentlest of lullabies My greatest friend’s a singer The creator’s melody Deep and rich Mellow and clear Rawness, sadness, eternity It pierces my trembling soul Blood throbs inContinue reading “Captivating Melody”